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Software Testing

Oval Ventures goes beyond offering just testing and validation tools. We work closely with you to determine your exact software quality testing goals and challenges, and then design unique, cost-effective, and on-time solutions based on our expertise and experience.

Our lead consultants have worked with many clients including one of South Africa's biggest banks, Standard Bank, and the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE), the 19th biggest exchange in the world by market capitalisation:

Why you should work with us:

•      Highly experienced testers

•      Relatively cheaper (relative to in-house)

•      Access to many more devices / platforms than you have access to in-house

•      May be valuable to you to have (fresh) human eyes on your products  

•      Large supply of QA engineers  

Our independent testing portfolio is designed to reduce risks and enhance ROI across diverse industries includes:

•      Functionality Testing

•      Browser/operating system/platform Compatibility Testing

•      Accessibility Testing

•      Performance / Load Testing

•      Automated Testing

•      Client/Server LAN Driven Applications Testing

•      Regression Testing

•      Wireless Applications Testing

Our testing and validation delivery model is based on combining quality rigor with business context. This empowers us to deliver speedy, adaptable, and thorough testing solutions.